Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ringo’s Starter is Shot

Last night I drove to Ariel's place of employment to tow Ringo home. Of course someone had parked in front of him preventing me from just backing up to his front bumper. Just for kicks, I climbed behind his wheel, inserted the key into the ignition, and gave it a turn. All I received for that effort was a click from the solenoid, so I tried another turn of the key. This time the starter began to rotate the engine, but not without some serious sounds of objection. Grinding noises notwithstanding, the engine finally turned enough to start. I was able to drive him up to the back of the Suburban, attach the tow bar, safety chain, and trailer lights and head down the road. Since Glinda's available, Ariel's been driving her, so there's no real rush to get a replacement bolted onto Ringo's engine. Regardless, I plan on going through my stash of starters and finding a GUP that'll go in this weekend.

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