Monday, June 17, 2013

A Vairy Nice Father’s Day Weekend

When last I posted, I’d just broken the nuts off both rear strut rods where they bolt at the rear wheels. A few minutes yesterday attacking the remaining bolts with the 4” cutoff wheel on my grinder and the rods were lying on the garage floor. Unlike the oil-destroyed inners, the outer bushings look to be in decent condition, so, rather than buy entire new rods, I’m following a helpful post on the CorvarCenter forum and bought a couple replacement bushings. Gary (the local Corvair guru) offered to sell me a couple replacement bolts to replace those I just cut up.

I also got the stabilizer rods and shock absorbers removed, and was fortunate enough not to break any more fasteners.

With the suspension all out, I tackled the backlight opening. It took a couple hours, but I got the channel completely cleaned out and ready for some coats of POR-15. I’ve decided I don’t have the time to fix the rust correctly (cutting out and welding in patches), so I’ll be coating with POR-15 and patching with fiberglass cloth laid in. Fortunately, there are only a few rust-throughs, so this fix should be sufficient to keep the window in and the water out.

After working on Glinda, I was treated to a delicious Father’s Day dinner followed by card opening. The girls gave me two cards since they couldn’t decide between two funny ones. Each card contained a coupon, one for a six pack of the beer of my choice each month for the next six months. The other coupon was for a set of racing stripes for Glinda. I’m quite excited about that and have already started perusing the web for the perfect scheme. I’m leaning towards this design. You've got to use your imagination to change the colors to turquoise body and white (or maybe gray or maybe silver) stripes.

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