Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Parting Will Be Such Sweet Sorrow

Sunday I had one of those bittersweet moments when I sold my buddy Rich’s Corsa, but that’s what was meant to be. A large part of me was hoping that Glinda would sell first so I could become the Corsa’s new owner, thus saving me the cost and effort of converting Glinda to a 4-speed car. I am, however, very glad to have found an enthusiastic Corvair guy (he already has a Spyder) to bring this really cool car back to glory. In fact, he offered to hire me to do the work. I had to tell him I was way too busy to take on another project. The car still sits in front of the house waiting for the buyer to return this weekend with the balance of the payment. It’s rough seeing the car sitting there knowing it’ll be moving on in a few days.

So it is with renewed vigor I press on with my initial plan to re-work Glinda into a capable track car that’s also a reliable, comfortable daily-driver. With that in mind, I pulled out the 140 HP engine block halves that afternoon and started cleaning them up. I removed the cut off head studs and soaked the three broken crankcase cover bolts. My plan is to piece-meal the build of this drivetrain over the Fall and Winter with hopes of installing it in the spring. I’ll start by inspecting and measuring the crank, buying the right-sized main bearing set, and reassembling the block halves with a cleaned and lubricated (protected) crankshaft and camshaft. I’ll then mount that on an engine stand in the garage, and do the buildup from there as time and money allows.

The package from Clark’s containing two new carburetor shafts showed up yesterday, so Mikhaila and I now have all the parts to rebuild TwoTones carburetors. I’m anxious to have these done because I intend to test them out on Glinda and see if the hard throttle engine bog is fuel or ignition related. Now I just need to get her to join me and we’ll tackle carb reassembly together. Nice that there are two carbs – his and hers.

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