Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Can Rebuild A Carburetor

Yesterday evening I donned grunies over long underwear and trudged through the snow to the driveway where I popped open Glinda’s engine lid intent upon swapping in the recently rebuilt carburetor. Within a few minutes the new carb was in place and hooked up. The engine started right up and was running smoothly a few second later. Blips of the throttle only resulted in smooth revs - no backfires, no lags, no stumbles. The hand-over-the-venturi test was successful in that doing so caused the engine to stall. Another positive sign was the choke on both carbs basically opened in synch with each other. Once they were fully opened, I shut off the engine, connected the ends of my clear tubing with some water as an indicator to the vacuum ports, and refired the engine. A couple turns of the left carb’s linkage and the water stopped moving in the tube so the carbs were balanced. The subsequent test drive proved the previous carbs were the cause of the quick-throttle bogging as stomping on the loud pedal from a standstill resulted in nothing but acceleration off the line. Only after a couple tank-fulls of gas will I be able to verify the predicted improved gas mileage.

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