Friday, December 6, 2013

It’s Not a Blown Spark Plug

I’m not sure what I was hoping to find when I popped open Ringo’s engine lid last night. Did I really want to see a spark plug lying loose on the engine cover? Well, it wasn’t. I checked to make sure no plug leads had popped off and that the vacuum hose was still connected. And nothing else looked amiss either. It took quite a few turns of the starter to get the engine running, and, once started, it was not running happily. There were, fortunately, no nasty noises coming from the engine compartment – no beating or banging, so I felt comfortable backing it out of its parking spot and slowly motoring the couple hundred feet so that it could assume the position of vehicle-about-to-be-towed behind the truck. Sadly, I’m getting quite proficient at hooking ailing autos up to the truck, so, in no time at all (and just as Ariel was walking out of her place of employment), we were ready for the drive back home.

After a stop for dinner, we didn’t pull up in front of the house until nearly 8. I had high hopes of dealing with Glinda’s new carburetor (finish cleaning, rebuild, install, and adjust), but at that point it was too late to get involved in that project – plus I now needed to keep Glinda roadworthy for Ariel.

This evening I’ll prep the new carburetor and then back Glinda’s engine bay under the open garage door to hopefully keep out of the rain while swapping the new carb in for the passenger side’s racing carb. I’m sure it’ll be fun – NOT.

At some point this weekend the rain will stop and I’ll start diagnosing Ringo’s issue. Just like last time, a compression check of each cylinder will be my starting point, and where we go from there who knows.

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