Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Draining Evening

Yesterday’s car-time, of which there was plenty, centered around two of the non-fleet vehicles. First, I needed to address the dead trailer lights connector. Unlike the Suburban, the trailer lights have their own circuits and accompanying fuse. This discovery courtesy of the internet (what did we do during the pre-web days). All three fuses (TRLR STOP RT, TRLR STOP LT, and TRLR PRK) were blown. There must have been some issue with the wiring on the U-Haul trailer I rented last month. With the fuses replaced, my voltage checker indicated all pins are go and the truck is ready to tow Glinda to New Jersey.

Next, I prepped the lovely Loriann’s car for this weekend’s trip. She and Victoria are hitting the road for North Carolina. I topped off the air in the tires, coolant in the reservoir, and fluid for the power steering.

With the modern cars dealt with, I was able to draft Victoria into helping me drain the gear lube from the new-to-me differential and transmission. I also opened up the boxes that arrived yesterday - two mufflers from Amazon and a transmission cover and convertible top parts from the Corvair Ranch. According to the USPS and UPS the final two packages from Clark’s (tune-up kit) and Amsoil (synthetic gear oil) respectively are supposed to arrive today. I should now be all set parts-wise to do the swap.

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