Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Still Finding Time

In the midst of my work and home responsibilities, I am still able to carve out an hour here and an hour-and-a-half there prepping for a big three-day weekend. Last night I looked thought my myriad of parts boxes and cubbies, but could not find any differential output seals. What I did find, however, were GNP engine crankshaft seals. Swapping out old for new on Glinda’s original 110 is now on the to-do list.

For a bit of peace of mind, I did remove one of the differential yokes and closely inspect the seal. It’s in good shape – pliable and the edge is unbroken. As I bent back the tang on the locking washer, I noticed that there was a missing tang. This, I believe, indicates the seals have been replaced since the differential was put into service.

Since this diff had sat around for a number of years, I needed to clean out the grime in the threaded holes. I’d bought some thin wire brushes and one of these was perfect for the job. Once I drain out the old gear oil, it’ll be ready to install.

The final automotive activity of the evening was to find the leak in one of the front tires that’ll be going on Glinda. A spray bottle applied soapy water all over the wheel and bubbles appeared at the tire-to-wheel inside rim joint. Since it’s such a low-profile tire, I’m not going to risk repairing it myself, but will take it to the local Goodyear shop.

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