Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CPotD #103 (Risking the Red Mist)

I found this definition for Red Mist.” The condition where ego or testosterone poisoning overcomes one's knowledge of one's mortality. Generally entered when a driver is passed, or sees a faster car ahead to try and catch. Results in missed flags, embarrassment, and an oops at worst.”

There are a number of guys who take their Corvairs out on the track and go wheel-to-wheel with other cars. These guys are real racers. One of them, David Clemens of Stinger Motorsports, just announced that his car, the one on the left in today’s CPotD, has passed SCCA inspection. David is a skilled craftsman who has put together an awesome track car. The bodywork required to fit those huge rear tires looks like GM put it there, but I’m sure he spent countless hours getting the profiles just right and all the curves smoothed out. Let’s hope the red mist doesn’t result in a competitor marring those gorgeous surfaces.

1 comment:

  1. Darn right about those great quarter panels! I'd hate to see them flattened by some hotshoe trying to outbrake David into a turn.