Friday, May 7, 2010

Lucy’s Slipping Clutch

I forgot to mention in my race-day write-up how Lucy’s clutch started to slip towards the end of the day. It’s probably related to the off-road excursion I took, so I’ll check the linkage for bent parts when I next get her up on jackstands. Currently, the clutch takes up right at the top of the pedal travel, so I’m able to safely drive the car as long as I gingerly apply the throttle.

Speaking of my agricultural experience, the left front tire was damaged during that escapade. When I first installed this wheel and tire combination the edge of the tire rubbed the inner flange of the wheelwell, so I took a two-by-four and flattened the flange against the inside of the wheelwell. Monday when that side dug into the mud with the wheel turned, the tire caught the edge of the flange. The flange grabbed into the tire and was un-flattened. Once I was back in the pits, I borrowed a hammer and re-flattened the flange, but didn’t check out the tire. This morning I noticed the cuts in the rubber, so I snapped a few pictures with the camera in my cellphone. The rubber’s still intact, the cut's not into the cords, and I haven’t noticed any vibration in the steering, so I’m just going to rotate the tires while the car’s up on jackstands for the clutch repair.

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