Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CPotD #106 (To Risk Wadding Or Not)

Out of all that I’ve read in online forums, only a few phrases have stuck in my head. I believe it was Ken Hand, a skilled and respected Corvair mechanic and racer, who said (and I’m paraphrasing), “You shouldn’t take a car on a race track unless you’re prepared to wad it up.” Before my agricultural excursion at Summit Point, I had formulated my “wadded up daily-driver” plan. I certainly didn’t want to implement it. I almost had to. Interestingly, it was the wadding up of my previous daily driver that resulted in Lucy’s transformation from a dead car on a trailer to a reliable daily-driver.

On to the purpose of this entry. It’s Track Car Tuesday, and today’s CPotD is from the track car that had its engine featured in yesterday blog. It’s a big jump to go from being okay with getting your gorgeous car’s fender sprayed by some mud to getting that same fender dented by some wall. This dirty fender with its Bristol Motor Speedway sticker is a testament this owner’s not afraid of dirt or dents. Good for him. Cars are meant to be driven; fast cars are meant to be driven fast.

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