Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Little Fleet Work

So the fleet’s been behaving the last week or so – at least behaving well enough that those needing daily-drivers have had them. Monday I drove Lucy to work in the morning. Towards the end of my highway blast, the TEMP/PRESS light started to flicker. I slowed down from 70 to 60 and it stayed off. She’s had this behavior before when there was a vacuum leak around one of the carb’s throttle shaft. This may be the case again, so I’ll be checking the carbs before driving her again.

It’s wonderful to have Heidi as a backup. It’s been nice top-down driving weather, and I’ve made the most of it. She’s running flawlessly, but repairing the left front blinker is still on her to-do list. I’ve also added changing the oil and filter since the odometer says it’s time.

Ariel’s been putting the miles on Ringo without him giving her any problems. A big TYL for that.

Now to the work. Luna is so close to being road-ready. The only problem we’re having trouble solving is getting both brake lights to illuminate. After removing the blinker switch assembly (through which the braking circuit runs), I had to slightly bend one of the spring contacts to get both blinkers to work. After plugging the switch back in, I was able to verify that all but the left rear brake circuit was operating properly. At that point last night, it was time to knock off for the day.

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