Thursday, May 24, 2012

Luna’s Almost Roadworthy

Victoria and I spent a few hours in the garage last evening. We were, with some prying and banging, finally able to remove the right rear brake drum. The assembly behind looked great, and Victoria cleaned off the hub surfaces and applied some anti-seize before reinstalling the drum and wheel. With Luna back on the floor, Victoria turned her attention to masking and painting the surfaces she’d primed last night while removed and repaired the blinker switch assembly. My task went surprisingly well and I found a contact in the switch mechanism that needed a little bend. After that, the switch worked perfectly on the bench. How it behaves in the car will hopefully be the same. Once Victoria had finished painting, she referred back to our to-do list and the only thing left she could do was clean out behind the fresh air vents. In order to do that, she first removed the sill plates, and then unscrewed the hex-head fasteners holding the kick panels in place, took off the panels, removed more screws and finally out came the vents. When I told her to stick her hand in the cavity to see what she could find, she started to, but then paused to ask me what she might find. When I replied, “dead mice,” she immediately drew back giving me a piece of her mind. Needless to say, she’ll be using a shop-vac to clear out the cavities and not her hands.

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