Monday, May 21, 2012

A Nice Saturday, …

…but it could’ve been better. This month’s meeting of the local chapter of CORSA was scheduled for 9 AM Saturday morning in my driveway and by 9:30 no one had shown up. By noon, only three guys made it. Pretty sad. I’m thinking it’s time I start looking for a different club that’s more active than this chapter.

Around 11 Victoria came out to work on Luna, and after she removed the last of the Rally wheels, we played electrical detective for the next couple hours. She hooked my charger to the ends of the battery cables and we started with headlights. Nothing illuminated until she pressed the hi-beam switch a couple times and then all four bulbs lit up. Another press on the button and all four went out. Looks like a replacement switch needs to go on the shopping list. On to the blinkers. First the right side. After replacing the right front bulb with a new one, both front and rear blinked vigorously and brightly. The left, however was not cooperative. Both front and rear wouldn’t blink even with new bulbs. The voltage checker showed the issue is with the switch behind the steering wheel. Part number two for the list. By that time, she had to quit to go to a job.

Funny experience dealing with the local Firestone franchise. I called them on the phone and asked how much they’d charge me to mount and balance four tires I’d purchased from Tire Rack. I was told $76. This was cheaper than Mr. Tire, so I told them I’d be right there. The lovely Loriann and decided to make an afternoon out of it, so I loaded the Surburban with the wheels and tires, and we headed down the road. After unloading the stuff in front of the shop, I went in to start the process. The counter guy was not the one I’d spoken with on the phone, so he punched in the info and printed out the work order with a bottle line of $66. Okay, I like saving money. I noticed there was a $12 charge for tire disposal even though I’d told him I would take the old tires back and get rid of them myself. Just then, the guy I had talked to on the phone walked in. He looked at the work order and said, “That’s not right.” He procedes to hit a bunch of keys and tells me it’ll be $85. Wait, we’re going the wrong way. I told him that was more than he’d told me over the phone and reminded him I wanted the old tires back. He then asks me if I was guy that had the Tire Rack tires. I said yes, and he replied that makes a difference. More keystrokes and he announces, “$44.” Sold. The lovely Loriann and I left the tires there, and a couple hours later, they were ready.

Also, while we were out we made a stop at Sam’s Club where I purchased a new battery for Luna, group 24F. Now, I just need to remember to go back with the old battery and get my $9 core charge refunded.

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