Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Odd Thing

I guess Lucy felt ignored, so she had to put a scare into Mikhaila and I this morning. I was doing a little over 70 (according to the who-knows-if-it’s-correct speedometer) driving down I-70 taking Mikhaila to school when the GEN-FAN light popped on. Once I’d gotten into the slow lane, I turned off the engine and pulled far onto the shoulder. Hopping out and heading to the car’s rear to open the engine lid, I braced myself for a thrown fanbelt. That was not the case, however, as everything appeared fine. A seized generator? Nope it turned under the belt without issue. A broken wire? I jiggled the two coming off the generator and the one going to the main feed at the voltage regulator and nothing broke apart. After checking the oil level just for kicks, I returned to the driver’s seat and cranked the engine. It turned, grudgingly, but wouldn’t fire. Back to the engine compartment to check for fuel and spark. A blip on the throttle was rewarded by shot of gas in the left carb’s throat. I then had Mikhaila turned the key while I held the coil wire’s end next to the body – nice, regular sparks arced across the gap. At that point I discovered the rubber tube at the vacuum advance canister had fallen off. I pushed it back on, but after noticing how loosely it fit, I pulled it back off and cut off one inch of oil-sodden gooiness. It slid on more snuggly after that. Back behind the wheel, and this time the engine started right up with a turn of the key. Best of all, no idiot lights were on. I cautiously entered back into the flow of traffic and kept it below 60 the rest of the way to the school. The drive from there to work was without incident even with speeds nearing 70. Bizarre.

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