Thursday, May 3, 2012

Repelled Water Repellant

I’m still doing battle with the backlight weatherstripping trying to keep out the rainwater. I thought I might have beaten it with last night’s application of silicone to the outside bottom corner, but a subsequent thunderstorm resulted in puddles on the inside of the car again. I’ll have to go at it with the blowing air and soapy water next.

The other Ringo repair I undertook last night was the replacement of the Pittman arm bushing bolt. I didn’t like the way the original one went on when I replaced the bushing, so the last time I was at the Corvair Ranch, I bought a GUP bolt with a new nut from Jeff. This one seemed to go together much better.

Meanwhile, Victoria kept up the enthusiastic work on Luna by applying a few coats of medium blue metallic paint over the previously primered rust spots. Next on Luna’s list is getting her up on jackstands and inspecting the brake system.

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