Monday, August 23, 2010

Bodywork Progress

Saturday was welding day at Tom’s Garage. Victoria had previously completed the prep Thursday by covering all the exposed metal with two coats of POR-15 and one of Tie-Coat primer. All that was left for me to do before making puddles of molten metal was brushing off the coatings where the welds would be laid down. By the end of my workday, I had all the patches in and the welds ground down followed by a coat of Rustoleum metal primer.

Yesterday was Bondo Day 1. All the patches and most of the tiny holes were filled. I emptied a quart can before everything was complete, so there will be a Bondo Day 2 before sanding commences.

It looks like we're going to shoot to have Glinda registered, tagged, and reliably roadworthy in time for her driving test on the 9th of the next month. She doesn't know this yet, but I'm sure she'll think it's great that it will be her car she's operating for the examination.

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