Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brianna Sees Her Heidi

Brianna drove Lucy up from VA yesterday to get things ready for her upcoming wedding. She thoughtfully waited until I was home before going out to the garage to gaze upon her transformed Heidi. With Loriann’s hands covering her eyes, Brianna walked into the garage. Her reaction, once she saw the car, was suitably appreciative and complimentary. All those hours were worth it just to see and hear her reaction. Ah, the things we do for those we love. We all agreed that, now in her proper silver with original red interior, Heidi fulfills her German name.

Unfortunately, the car was not ready for the road, so I spent a few more hours putting the interior back together (including new waterproofed paper in the passenger door), hanging the bumpers (thankfully no scratched paint), routing and connecting the horn harness, and successfully finding and plugging a leak in the front tire. I also went looking for the leak in the transmission. I’d assumed it was a cracked shift cable, but all along its length the cable was dry. In fact, I couldn’t find transmission fluid anywhere. Motor oil on the ground yes, but no reddish liquid anywhere. Just to say I did something, I gave each of the tranny pan bolts an eighth of turn to snug them up – but not too snug. Looks like topping off with Dexron will continue to be in Heidi’s monthly maintenance regimen.

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