Friday, August 20, 2010

Catching Up - Ringo

There are only a couple more days before Ariel goes back to college and Ringo comes off the road. I’ve told Ariel to compile a list of all the issues he has that I will be addressing in the next couple months. Not sure how long the list will end up being, but I know that installing a new floor, reinstalling the backlight, and new piston rings will be at the top of the list. The latter repair is becoming more necessary since last Sunday’s misbehaving.

On her way to work, he started to run roughly and she was barely able to make it into her parking spot. I got the phone call and told her I’d be there with the Suburban and the towbar when she got off work. The next evening I pulled all the plugs, cleaned off the mess, reinstalled, and he ran just fine again. I’d done just this same thing only a couple weeks ago. In that short time, the blow-by deposited at least a tablespoonful of oil in the right air cleaner. At least that much had been pulled through the carbs and sent to four the plugs.

Other than that, he’s been a reliable mode of transportation.

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    She doesn't need a floor.