Monday, August 23, 2010

CPotD #142 (A Fan From the OTHER Air-cooled Flat Six)

The stock fan in a Corvair engine sucks precious horsepower, especially at higher rpm. There are a few who have adapted an electric fan to replace belt driven unit. There are also a few who’ve skillfully grafted the Porsche fan and plenum onto our favorite flat six. There are a couple benefits to this vertical fan over the ‘vair’s horizontal style. First, the straight path the belt now takes reduces the risk of tossing a belt. Second, the fan has been proven to require less horsepower for each cubic foot of air it can blow.

Today’s Motor Monday CPotD is a photo posted by noted Corvair engine builder, Michael LeVeque, of an engine he built. While researching this posting, I was never able to find two sites that agreed on the actual horsepower numbers, but I did come across some photos of a couple other vertically-fanned Corvair engines.

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