Monday, August 23, 2010

Ringo's Got a List

So Ariel is back at college and without wheels since Ringo is now scheduled for some serious roadification attention. As requested, Ariel put together the attached list of issues I need to make sure I correct before returning her car to her.

I’ll elaborate on each item.
  • floor = Replace the rusted through floor sheetmetal. Not on this list, but the major cause of the rotted floor is leaky rear window seal which to repair will entail backlight removal and a more careful reinstallation
  • tighten steering = Check the adjustment in the steering box as well as ensure there’s no clearance in the linkages.
  • tighten brakes = Install the proper backing plates so the self-adjusters will work properly. Adjust the brakes to get rid of the pulling to the left.
  • rust spots = Get out the wire brush, POR-15, and Tie-Coat primer before shooting more gloss black over the repairs.
  • dent = Repair the dent I put in the right rear fender.
  • gas gauge = Test the sender and gauge so the tank doesn’t go dry while the gage reads half a tank.
  • speedometer = Lubricate so it’ll behave in cold weather.
  • leaking oil = Tear down the engine and check the condition of the cylinder walls (including the diameter). Hopefully, I can get away with only replacing the rings and gaskets. This time, however, I will remember to throroughly scrape out the ring grooves in the pistons.
  • leak under dashboard = Take off the fresh air grill at the base of the windshield and re-seal all the joints. Also make sure the trunklid is sealing well to prevent water from getting in past the main connector on the front shelf.
  • paint = I know she’d like a total repaint with “glittery” black, but I’m afraid the only new paint Ringo will get is to cover the sheetmetal repairs.
  • under hood (burn spot) = Prime and paint the spot on the engine lid that was burned away when she had the fire.
  • clicking in steering when turning = Grease and adjust the bearing in the steering column.
  • screeching in tires when turning = See Tighten Steering.

First things first - get Glinda on the road and stop Lucy’s annoying oil leak.

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