Monday, March 21, 2011

Issues Appear and Disappear

Friday morning, about eight miles into my commute, the TEMP/PRESS light flickered on, then off, then went on to stay. This occurred as I was doing 70 mph down the interstate. I put the transmission in neutral and coasted for thirty seconds or so and the light went back off. I gingerly drove the last mile to my parking spot, and shut down the engine. Before walking into work, I popped the engine lid looking for smoke or at least the aroma of something burnt. TTL nothing seemed or smells amiss. I’d recently checked the oil level and it was well above ADD, so it looks like the right side is running lean again. The drive home through city streets was lightless, as was this morning’s commute where I kept the needle below 60.

The carburetor I removed when last this temp issue had plagued me has been rebuilt with o-rings that should seal the gap between the worn throttle shaft and the two bores in the carb’s body. I’ll swap this carb back into its previous home atop the right cylinder head (the one with the temp switch) and we’ll see what happens.

Then, Saturday, Victoria informed me Glinda was idling rather roughly. She would run down the road just fine, but when sitting at a stop, there was more than the usual shaking coming from the car’s rear. This information coincided with a gas up that indicated Glinda’s mileage keeps improving. This time its up to nearly 18 mpg. With that positive indicator coupled with smooth running and no dying at stops led me to put off any further investigations until after the fully booked weekend.

This morning Victoria texted me that Glinda ran fine. Another issue resolves itself.

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