Monday, March 7, 2011

POR-15 is Stubborn Stuff

The above photo of my fingers is testament to the staying power of POR-15. I spent yesterday afternoon and evening in the garage making some headway on Ringo’s bodywork. I focused on the driver’s side rocker panel areas, and cut away more rusted metal and wired brushed away paint and bondo to the point where I think I can cut patches and weld. But prior to attaching the new metal, I needed to coat the exposed inner surfaces. Out came the quart of POR-15. Knowing that a quart was WAY too much for the job at hand, I poured off three 8 oz canning jars and capped them tightly with a gasket of plastic wrap. That left me with 8 oz. to apply. After coating the sheetmetal around where I’ll first be welding, I set my attention to the doors. The driver door is being reused, but I wanted to POR-15 the inside surfaces as best I could. The passenger door is the one I recently bought and it had some surface rust on the bottom and forward faces. After removing the hinges with my impact screwdriver, I brushed the loose stuff and those surfaces got a coat of POR-15 followed by a coat of POR Tie-Coat Primer while the inside got just the one coat of POR-15. Even though I was wearing gloves, working around sharp edges of metal are bound to cause a few holes through the nitrile. I was able to get most of the stubborn stuff off my skin, but not all.

Today Ariel primed the inner surfaces of the rocker panel patches and the fender patch. Soon I’ll back out there and cut the patches to fit and weld them on.

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