Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Head Disassembly Complete

With my path forward for Ringo and Lucy’s engines in limbo, I’ve been holding on to the valve spring compressor I “rented” from Advance Auto a few weeks back. Last weekend I decided I could use the $60 back on my credit card, so it’s going to be returned within the next couple of days. That meant that last night, I needed to disassemble the heads that were on Ringo’s removed engine (a ’64 vintage 110 HP). It only took about forty-five minutes, and while I did struggle with getting some of the retainers out, the tool is now wiped down and ready to return.

I found that there’s slop in these valve guides as well. I could probably use them as-is in an emergency, so I’ll clean them up, lap the valves, and reassemble for that rainy day.

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