Thursday, June 23, 2011

Going to Carlisle

When the lovely Loriann asked me what I wanted to do for Father’s Day, I quickly responded that a car show would be an awesome way to spend the afternoon. Sadly, I already knew there were no shows in Maryland that Sunday. I also knew, however, that Carlisle’s GM show and swap meet was scheduled for the next weekend, so I proposed she and I go there instead. I added that this year they’re celebrating Camaros – her favorite. She agreed and recommended we include a Friday night stay at a B&B. So we are now booked for a one-night stay at the Red Cardinal B&B and I am now psyched for a one-day walk at one of the biggest all-GM shows in the world.

As part of this trip, we’re including a stop at the Corvair Ranch to pick up the reworked 95 HP heads and new piston rings and gasket sets That should finally get me everything I need to put together a complete low-compression engine for Ringo. I do, however, need to deal with the cylinders. My cubicle neighbor at work is a motorhead and has the equipment necessary to, first, verify each cylinder and piston is usable, and, second, hone the cylinders so the rings seat properly. I’ll impose on him in the next week or so.

In preparation for the Carlisle meet and the multitude of vendors that will be there, I’m working on a wish-list of tools and materials. The list, so far, only includes:
  • Zip-ties
  • Sandpaper for the straight line sander
  • Assembly lube
  • Brad Penn 30 wgt oil (with plenty ZDDP for breaking in a rebuilt engine)
  • 4-carb linkage (if cheap)
  • Pertronix 2 (if less than $100)
  • Flamethrower II (if less than $35)
More preparation for Saturday included mapping out a back way to get to the neighborhood by Gate 7. We scored a nice, close, and cheap parking spot in someone’s backyard last time we were there, and I’ll try and find it again.

Also, note to self: don’t forget the camera and extra batteries. There’ll be plenty of Haiku4photo subjects I’m sure.

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