Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Savoring the Seat Search


In light of selling Lucy’s racing seats; I’m in the market for seats more suited to daily driving. I used to drive a Mazda MX-6, and found the driver’s seat quite comfortable while having sufficient side bolstering suitable for coddling my carcass in place during spirited cornering. I’d visited the Crazy Ray’s yards in Jessup and Curtis Bay recently, and saw an MX-6 with front seats in nice condition at one of them. Sadly, I couldn’t remember which yard the car was in. So I made a guess and today spent my lunch hour walking the aisles of the Curtis Bay Crazy Ray’s. After weaving past all their imports, I didn’t find the MX-6, but I did find a Nissan with nearly new-looking tan seats with decent bolters. I tried them out and felt they were worth considering if the MX-6 seats didn’t pan out. Knowing that the Ford Probe was nearly identical to the MX-6, I headed over to the Ford section and continued my seat search. I found a few Probes, but each had seats with significant wear or damage. The area I wandered through last contained the GM cars. Focusing on newer wrecked cars, I came across a 2-door Cobalt with tan buckets. I tried them out and, while they weren’t quite as nice as I remember the MX-6 seats to be, I found them to be better than the Nissan seats and I really liked the cloth used in the covers. I also like the adjustment for the rear of the bottom portion – you can crank up or down the tilt of the seat bottom independent of the seat back. Also, when you pull up on the seat back release the entire seat slides forward to aid ingress for the rear passengers. Not that I ever have rear passengers, but just in case. The only problem was, like the Nissan seats, these were tan, and would stand out in Lucy’s black and red interior. Further down the same row, I found a new-ish Saturn coupe with the same seats in very nice condition, only in gray. Yay! These will work out nicely if I strike out with the MX-6 search at the Jessup Crazy Ray’s.

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