Thursday, June 30, 2011

Will I Return?

While perusing this morning’s edition of Craigslist, I found a FREE add for hot rod magazines and a valve compressor tool. So, instead of getting a haircut, I took a drive south of work at lunch today. Sadly, by the time I arrived at the address in the ad, all the good stuff was gone. Since it was right on the way back to the office, I guided Lucy into a parking spot outside the gate to Crazy Ray’s in Jessup. After donning my grease-stained cap, I paid my dollar, signed away any rights to sue when they drop a car on my head, and headed into the yard. Hoping to find the MX-6 with the nice seats, I bypassed the domestics and wandered out to the aisles of imports. While weaving my way watching for my quarry, I also scanned across the roofs hoping to find a nice, new coupe that may have un-sullied seats. It was soon apparent that maneuvering through the mass of hulks was going to be much more difficult here than it was yesterday. This yard is far fuller than the Curtis Bay location, so the cars are nose to tail blocking walkways and forcing customers to clamber around engines and axles and climb over bumpers and gas-tanks. Rather risky when wearing slacks, silk shirt, and loafers, but I pressed on cautiously. After perusing every import, I came up empty-handed on all accounts. It was the same struggle searching the section of GM offerings. I did find a new-ish Cobalt with stained seats and a Saturn with torn seatcovers.

The ONLY upside to the visit was spying the Austin American in the parking and then another one inside the yard. My apologies that the only camera I had available was the sorry one in my cellphone.

Given the current state of organization at the Jessup Crazy Ray’s, it’ll be a while before I waste another lunch hour there. The Curtis Bay location will get my business – even if it’s just the dollar admission fee.

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