Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Plastigage is Cool Stuff

Yesterday evening I finished cleaning the 110 hp engine block and rear housing. After wiping down all the crankshaft bearings that were in the 110 hp, I reinstalled them into each block half. With the left half sitting with its center surface facing up, I carefully placed pieces of plastigage onto the inside surface of each bearing half and then carefully laid the 95 HP crankshaft into place. Mating the other half and installing the block bolts completed assembly check. Reversing those steps exposed the crushed plastigage which indicated that all crank bearing clearances are only slight over spec.

I then removed the crank bearings from the 95 HP block and installed them in to the 110 block. Repeating the plastigage, assembly, and disassembly steps brought a little frustration. One of the oil holes in the crank lined up with the plastigage in one of the bearings, so I couldn’t get an accurate indication of clearances. It was nearing my bedtime at that point, so the re-measuring will have to wait.

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