Thursday, June 9, 2011

It’s Getting Hot Here

And Lucy’s starter is not a fan of the heat. Twice in the last few days, she has decided to annoy us by not even clicking when Ariel turned the key. It only seems to be an issue if the engine is hot. Let her sit for a couple hours, and she behaves (Lucy not Ariel). I’ll start with replacing the solenoid. I think I have a GUP or two on the shelf to choose from. Other than that, Lucy cruised along just fine for Ariel on her trip back and forth to Millersville, PA. A little warm in this high-nineties weather we’re experiencing, but no red lights of idiocy were illuminated.

Yesterday, circumstances were such that I got to drive Glinda to work. The first thing I noticed was how nicely she ran. The second was how squeaky she is sitting at stoplights. The third was how off-center the steering wheel is. I thought I’d put it on in its appropriate orientation after replacing the turn signal switch assembly, but in my frustration at having to do it twice, I may have missed. Then again, maybe Victoria hit a curb and knocked the alignment out. Regardless, I’ll reinstall the wheel rotated a few teeth on the splined shaft and be watchful of odd wear on the front tires.

Later, I mentioned to Victoria that I would tighten the nuts holding the loose driver's door handle on. In response, she asked me to adjust things so the door would open and close more easily. She proceeded to show me the issue and I noticed the two bolts holding the upper door hinge to the body were loose. I grabbed a ½ inch socket and wrench and tightened them only to be rewarded with significant misalignment at the latch. I cut out a couple shims from my floor patching stock (i.e. old, rusty hood), loosened the bolts, tapped the shims into place behind the hinge plate, and re-tightened the bolts. I was ecstatic to see I’d put exactly the right thickness in since the rear edge of the door now lined up perfectly with the body. TYL.

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