Monday, June 27, 2011

A Plethora of Auto-Related Activities

It was a wonderful weekend with a plethora of auto-related activities. Friday afternoon I stopped at the Corvair Ranch where I found the reworked cylinder 95 HP heads cleaned up with the newly installed valve guides and a couple boxes filled with gaskets, seals, and piston rings. I now have all the new parts necessary to build Ringo’s engine. As Jeff and I were settling up, I asked if they still had six of the cylinders I’d previously dropped off for evaluation. Brent found a LM set all cleaned up and we loaded all the parts into the back of the lovely Loriann’s car.

Much of Saturday was spent hand-in-hand with the lovely Loriann wandering the aisles of show cars and vendors at Carlisle’s GM Nationals. Corvair-wise, the event was a relative bust with only six ‘vairs sighted and a couple hubcaps being the only parts found for sale. One guy from PA provided four of the cars on displayed - all very nicely restored. His Rampside being the vehicle featured in this post’s lead photo. We thoroughly enjoyed drooling over the lovely Loriann’s favorite model, the Camaro, and my favorite make, Pontiac, of which there were plenty of awesome examples of both. Also, memorably slobber-inducing was a knock-out ‘59 Oldsmobile.

Yesterday evening, I tore down the York-bought LM Corvair engine that will provide the block for Ringo’s engine rebuild. I removed the bearings and cleaned half the block out in the driveway. Before I could get the other half cleaned, dinner signaled the end of my workday.

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