Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Quick Update With Photos

The last couple evenings I’ve been able to work on the fleet. In addition to a brake job on the lovely Loriann’s daily-driver, both Lucy and Ringo got some of my attention.

Lucy got her overdue oil and filter change along with a good lube to her front suspension. I’ve been hearing a clank from her right front when I’ve driven her over potholes. With the front on jackstands, I wiggled her right front wheel and did feel some play in the steering but couldn’t tell where it was moving. Fortunately, the ball joints seem to be slop-free since vertical wiggling didn’t elicited no movement.

Ringo’s engine work continued with the second head being put back together, but not without first lapping the valves to their seats. Throughout the assembly of the valves, springs, and retainers I use copious amounts of assembly grease to ensure no undue wear at initial startup. One aside is I had to go hunting for the washers that protect the circular pockets in the heads where the springs sit. The hardened steel prevents the spring ends from digging into the soft aluminum. When the Corvair Ranch cleaned these heads, the original ones probably fell out and were lost. No biggie, since I had a couple heads already disassembled and ready to contribute the washers. Glad I remembered they were supposed to be there.

Following are some of the latest photos.

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