Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another Tragedy Averted

I’m not sure that averted is the proper word here, unless it was my guardian angel that prevented me from ruining Ringo’s new paintjob last night. It started with the decision to use POR-15 on the headlight buckets. After brushing off the loose rust from the slightly deteriorated metal, I grabbed the glass canning jar containing the last of my POR-15 supply and attempted to spin off ring holding the lid on. It wouldn’t budge. To get a better grip, I used my big channel-lock pliers on the ring. The next thing I know the glass jar is in pieces, black paint is splattered on the floor and the front of my jeans, the rubber glove on my left hand is sliced as are a couple of my fingers, and the exposed skin is coated in REALLY un-removable paint. All of this happened a scant few feet from Ringo’s left rear quarterpanel. My initial reaction was to grab a rag and start wiping, but the reality was I needed to get out of my pants and I wasn’t going to do that in the garage. I took the rag and nearby gallon of paint thinner and headed for the basement door. Once inside, I shucked my shoes and pants and began to wipe away the black spot from my left thigh, knee, and shin. All the while staunching the flow of blood from my index finger. Thankfully I was able to get most of the blackness off my skin. Even more thankfully, subsequent inspection of the Ringo’s skin showed no signs of splatter. TYL.

Other than doing stupid things last evening, I did make some progress on reassembly. I installed the stainless windshield trim pieces and antenna, and cleaned and lubricated the speedometer/odometer drives. Tonight I should get the gage set reassembled and the dash put back together. Might even put in the seats.

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