Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Typical Weekend

I’d love a weekend of consistent ups, but I’m destined to always have some downs. This weekend held true to form.

On the car-front the ups included finding a suitable GUP starter/solenoid to replace the failing Glinda’s assembly, getting some of Ringo's interior bits primed for changing to black, and running Ringo's engine for a good twenty minutes. The latter exercise required trying out five different failed fuel pumps before I gave up and borrowed the one off Lucy's engine. Looks like I'm adding fuel pump to Ringo's shopping list. The choke butterfly on the right carb never opened up all the way, so I think there's still a problem with that carb. It's one that I tried sealing the throttle shaft to housing gap with o-rings and springs, so I'll borrow again from Lucy and see if things change.

The downside was a bad inline air dryer that resulted in a totally botched repaint of the passenger door. A myriad of fish-eyes contaminated the entire spray. That means I get to sand, prime, and paint AGAIN! Arggghhh! No photos of this mess.

I did take a few more photos of Ringo in the light of day.

They also illustrate the ghastly clash of the red interior color with the exterior’s new coating. Black will look so much better.

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