Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Heidi and Ringo Update

Since she’s become my daily-driver a couple weeks back, Heidi’s been a reliable ride. With her second thankful of gas, I calculated 22 mpg for mixed driving – better than Lucy and certainly better than Glinda. Since Ringo was probably burning as much oil as gas, I never bothered to track his fuel mileage.

As reported in prior posts, Heidi has had some tune-up work done to her engine. Sadly, this did not cure the high-speed, high-load miss condition. Last night I swapped on another coil, but after this morning’s commute, I found that didn’t fix it. Next up I’ll turn my attention to fuel deliver and do some carb swapping. Not a priority, so that may wait a while.

Also last night I did some more assembly on Ringo’s interior. I pulled the driver’s seat out from the basement and did a test fit to ensure the bolt holes lined up. The outer rear pad was welded in place, so I was happy to see everything in sync. I measured and drilled the four 3/8ths holes for the seatbelt bolts, and then I installed the GUP defroster cable I’d bought from the Corvair Ranch. Finally, I began the installation of the fresh air vent on the driver’s side.

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