Friday, November 11, 2011

You Must Tear Down, Before You can Build Back Up

Sounds like a mantra from the Marines – appropriate on this Veteran’s Day, and by the way, a huge thank you to all those who’ve served in our armed forces. I know I only have my freedoms because of the sacrifices you made.

The tearing down I’m referring to in the title of this post is the disassembly of Ringo’s interior to prepare it for the imminent color change. I pulled off all the red trim sticks around the windows, as well as the glovebox door and gage set. There are a lot of red metal surfaces that will have to be transformed.

All that effort came after I attacked the passenger door with sandpaper. This was the part with crappy color coverage. While I had the door all scuffed up, I decided to fill in the two side-view mirror mounting holes since Ringo didn’t originally have a mirror on this door. Amazingly, the welding gas tank still had some of its contents left, so I was able to fill the holes correctly – with weld. After grinding things smooth with the flapper wheel, I laid down a skim coat of filler that will be sanded smooth prior to getting a coat of epoxy primer which I’m hoping to lay down tonight. That will allow me to spray high-build primer tomorrow morning and, hopefully, sand and paint Sunday. Thankfully, the weather looks like it was accommodate my schedule.

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