Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Swapping Continues, Plus Lucy is Becoming Flintstone-Worthy

Last night I was back out in the driveway (since the garage is packed) swapping the last seat tracks. The pocket making to clear the latch went well, and I had the passenger seat installed in Lucy in about a half-hour. I then began swapping the fresh air vent grills, kick panels, and heater registers and grills. Somehow the passenger kick panel from Ringo is missing. I think it’s buried in the basement, but a cursory search did not turn it up. I did, however, get the driver’s side bits all swapped. The ones coming out of Lucy are quite dingy and will need a sandblasting, priming, and paint job before they’re suitable for installation into Ringo.

Since today was payday, I put my order in with Amazon for 5 rattle cans of VHT satin black vinyl dye for Ringo’s carpet transformation. They might arrive Saturday which would be nice. Before I can install carpet, though, I want to paint the interior metal surfaces satin black. That project will require significant sanding and masking, and a few cans of Rustoleum primer and paint.

The Flintsone allusion is due to Lucy’s failing flooring. While installing the front seats, I found the metal around the bases to be solid, but just about everywhere else the consistency is tissue paper thin. With that in mind, I asked Brianna if it was alright if Ariel used Heidi until Ringo is back on the road. I was not comfortable putting any more miles than necessary on the wounded Lucy. Brianna graciously agreed to the loan, so the lovely Loriann is driving Heidi up to PA this afternoon and will return at the wheel of our stalwart Suburban. With the days shorter, my commutes are done in the dark, so top-down motoring opportunities are pretty much gone for the year.

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