Friday, November 4, 2011

The Gang’s All Here

Not since before Brianna and Nich drove off to Blacksburg in Heidi have there been three Corvairs parked in front of our house. With Ariel’s arrival at the wheel of Lucy, all of the fleet now resides at our house. Ariel is now piloting our Suburban around Lancaster and Millersville since she needed to move a futon up to her apartment. We’ll make the trade back for Lucy (or maybe Ringo, but I’m not holding my breath) when we celebrate Thanksgiving at her place.

Speaking of Ringo, reassembly and painting prep continued last night. I completed the installation and lubrication of the driver’s fresh air vent and then re-masked the trunk opening. The other day I was looking for my coveralls to use for a Halloween costume and thought they may have been stuffed into Ringo’s trunk. That forced me to tear back the masking over the trunk.

While out in the garage, I gave the can of Summit Racing paint a shake, popped the lid, and dipped a stirring stick into it. Ringo is gonna’ be PURPLE! It truly is an awesome color, but there’s very little about it that’s black. I called Ariel out to the garage to see what she’d selected, and she got quite excited. I pray it looks nice once I lay it on Ringo’s body. Speaking of which, the lovely Loriann purchased the last of the supplies needed for this weekend: the 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper for smoothing the primer, the measuring cups for the getting the paint and clear mixed correctly, and the inline air dryer to ensure there are no fish-eyes in the finish. It’s not going to be quite as warm Sunday as I’d hoped, but I’m shooting paint anyway. I’ll just have to add some minutes to the flash time.

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