Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heidi Is Annoying Me

Last night I pulled the top off of Heidi’s flooding carburetor and shook the float – it had gas in it. Into the trash it went (just the float, not the entire carb), a replacement float was taken from one of the carbs on the shelf, and everything was put back together. The engine fired right up and, after blowing out the idle circuit, seemed to be idling nicely. This morning she started up and ran down the road nicely, but a couple issues appeared. First, when decelerating on the highway, I heard backfiring. Second, when I pulled into my parking spot (the only stop on my commute), the engine died. It started right back up, but didn’t want to idle. I think the backfiring is due to a failed exhaust gasket since I’m also hearing a different sound from the exhaust area. I’ll probably have to tear down the carb and blow out all the passages before the idling misbehavior goes away.

In preparation for the expected delivery of Ringo’s tranny parts, I did some more scraping and cleaning last night. The valve bodies and valve components are currently soaking in solvents, while the gasketed surfaces have all been scraped bare. If all goes well, I should have good news to report tomorrow.

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