Monday, January 9, 2012

A Split Weekend

Most of the weekend was spent on house projects and repairing a hinge on the Suburban. The highlight of the Corvair work that did get accomplished was getting Heidi out of the driveway and back onto the street. All that took was some GUP carburetors pulled off the shelf and bolted onto her engine’s heads. Actually, it took three pulled off the shelf, since one of the first two appears to have a blocked idle circuit. The first two I tried were the same two that did not work on Ringo’s engine a month or so ago, so I really didn’t expect them to magically work on Heidi. They didn’t. Since the provenance of one of them was totally unknown, I pulled it off and replaced it with the one racing carburetor that was on the shelf. Heidi’s engine is now running as nicely as before. That means, however, that the engine still misses when I try to accelerate at highway speeds. I’m going to try Victoria’s suggestion of high-octane gas on the tankfull.

So, for those keeping score, here’s the carb status for the fleet.
  • Glinda – her original ’68 vintage carbs unmodified and rebuilt by Victoria and me
  • Lucy – one racing carb (a ’65 vintage modified by Grant at Wolf Enterprises) and one race”ish” carb (a ’64 vintage modified by me to put in vent tubes and throttle shaft o-rings)
  • Heidi – same setup as Lucy except the race”ish” carb doesn’t have the o-rings
  • Ringo – has Heidi’s ’63 vintage carbs rebuilt by Brianna and me a few years back
The other little ‘vair task was cleaning the governor I’d pulled off Ringo’s transmission. It’s ready to go back on when I get in the mood to deal with that frustrating shifting issue.

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