Thursday, January 19, 2012

Powerglide Reassembly Commences

Even though the mailman didn’t have my Clark’s order in his bag yesterday, I pressed on with putting Ringo’s transmission back together. I removed the soaking parts from their solvent bath and rinsed thoroughly in water. After blowing everything dry, I poured about a cup or so of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) in a drain pan, set the modulator valve body in the soup and filled it ATF-coated valve parts per the manual’s exploded view. With that valve body assembled, I moved on to the main valve body. Starting with the low-drive regulator stack-up, I slowly slid the components into the bore ensuring all pieces were able to freely move. A retainer ring captured the stack-up. The rest of the valves were installed in the same manner. Now all I need is the e-clip for the throttle valve and I can bolt everything back together. Sadly, the USPS did not come through for me in today’s delivery, so, since I’ll be gone most of the weekend on a church activity, this all has to wait until Sunday evening.

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