Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lucy Gets Some Love

It looks like the float I installed in Heidi’s carb last weekend also has a hole in it. The car is behaving exactly as it did with the previous flooded float. I’ve got others to choose from. I don’t think any of the rebuild kits that were in my recent parts’ influx have floats in them, but I’ll check. It would be cool to install a brand new one instead of taking my chances with another GUP. I would have done the fix last night, but Ariel was in town to swap vehicles (the Suburban for Lucy), so I had to attend to a few annoyances I’ve noticed while driving her the past week.

First I adjusted the blinker switch so the left side is cancelled by the spin of the steering wheel. Next, I tightened the three screws holding the horn ring to the steering wheel. That was followed by a thorough lubrication of the cables that operate the two defroster doors. Sadly, I could only get to the short sections at either end, but it seemed to make a difference. I still haven’t found the time to install the red door panels that were swapped from Ringo, so the inside holes in the doors are still only covered by plastic sheeting that keeps out the draining water. The driver’s side has developed some tears, so I used duct tape to fix them and masking tape to re-adhere to the metal. The sideview mirror was next. The tensioning screw was too tight to allow adjusting, so I loosened it, moved the mirror into place and re-tightened. While doing this, I didn’t like how the door's detent was operating – too “catchy”, so I applied a generous amount of grease and that smoothed things out significantly.

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