Friday, January 8, 2010

CPotD #26 (Standing Proud Amongst The Clutter)

I wanted to use the phrase, “a well placed stick”, as part of today’s CPotD title, but chose not to for obvious (to many) reasons. This cue-ball tipped lever, and the other bits of hardware requisite for manual gear manipulation, will transform Betty from a sedate commute-mobile into a driving experience. Now it’s just a matter of overcoming my Typical Triumvirate of Tribulation (see definitions on sidebar). In order to defeat the space component, Victoria and I need to complete Glinda’s underside work so she (the car, not Victoria) can come down off the jackstands and rolled out of the garage. The time component will be a balance with house work and other fleet maintenance chores, but Loriann grudgingly understands this Christmas present was a larger sacrifice on her part than just obtaining the vehicle. Finally, the money component needs to be addressed as I will need to buy some components since PartsCar was lacking a flywheel, pressure plate and input shaft and the throwout bearing looks pretty used up.

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