Monday, January 25, 2010

CPotD #36 (To Cut Or Not To Cut, Part 2)

Something I’ve been struggling with in this whole PartsCar/Betty decision is sacrificing a solid car. Both cars are in decent enough shape to put through roadification, but each has components the other needs. Betty has an intact hood, but a bad floor, while PartsCar has a rotten hood and an excellent floor. Betty has a running engine, but an automatic transmission, while PartsCar has the 4-speed, but no engine. Both cars could provide the body panels to patch Glinda, but so could many other cars.

It’s that last phrase, “so could many other cars” that I keep coming back to. Today’s CPotD is another photo Victoria took during our visit to the Corvair Ranch. There appear to be plenty of non-restorable cars sitting there that would gladly donate patch panels to our Glinda project.

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