Monday, January 18, 2010

To Cut Or Not To Cut

Why is it a parts car has the most intact floor of any Corvair that’s currently in or has passed through the fleet? Saturday, as I carefully removed the salvageable carpet from PartsCar, my thought was, "so, this is what a Corvair floor without holes or patches looks like." I told Loriann about this irony and she asked, "Why don’t you make the parts car Betty?" "No title and a bashed in driver’s door," was my immediate response. I was home sick from work today, so this afternoon I wandered out into the sunshine, removed the covers over Betty, and made a closer inspection. I pulled up part of the rubber floor mat and was greeted with a LOT of Bondo. I looked underneath and saw big, ugly patches. I did notice, however, that most of the areas Glynda needs patches for are solid on Betty.

I will now be looking into what it would take to get a title for PartsCar, so Betty will become the new PartsCar.

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