Friday, January 22, 2010

CPotD #35 (Silver is So, So Showy)

When Brianna was deciding what color Heidi should be painted, she seriously considered silver. She was concerned, however, that all the chrome would get lost in the silver. To help her choose, I searched the web for a photo of a silver ‘64 EM convertible with the same interior (oxblood red) as Heidi. After striking out, I posted on the CorvairCenter forum asking for help. A few days later, I received today’s CPotD in my e-mail inbox. I thought the color scheme looked really nice, but Brianna decided to go with Glacier Gray over Satin Silver. Now she and I are talking about repainting Heidi. It will be interesting to see what color Heidi ends up being. Brianna’s got a few months before she needs to decide.

An interesting aside regarding today’s photo. The car pictured resides in France, and it was being used in a wedding. I wonder if we can make Heidi look nice enough again to be used in Brianna’s wedding this summer.

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