Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CPotD #28 (You Meet The Nicest People)

At all Corvair track events, early models are in the minority. While earlies can run the same high-horsepower engines as lates, the more refined rear suspension and larger brakes make the late model Corvair a more attractive basis for a track car. There are, however, a number of very fast early model Corvairs and today’s CPotD ranks right near the top. Pictured is the 1964 Spyder (Fitch Sprint version) driven by owner Terry Stafford. Terry can really hustle this car around a track, and he’s a very nice guy to boot. He made sure to introduce himself to me at my first track event and was full of extremely helpful hints. Initial tire pressures, marking the sidewalls to verify good contact patches, and cutting a coil from each rear spring to improve camber are just three of the valuable pieces of information Terry shared with me that first day. There are a few other drivers of early model track cars that have been very helpful and they and their cars will be featured in upcoming CPotDs.

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