Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Heidi Lengthens Her Lead

While living in Blacksburg I haven’t claimed the handful of expenses under Heidi’s tally. Actually, I think the only things Brianna had to buy were a new battery (not insignificant) and some transmission fluid. Now that she’s back under my jurisdiction so to speak, I’ll be tracking any expenses I incur. Thus, yesterday’s purchase of a pair of wiper blade assemblies added $13 to Heidi’s fleet-leading bottom line.
Speaking of expenses, I just got some good news from Advance Auto (never thought I’d be typing that statement). The battery Brianna and Nich bought has a two-year free replacement, so if I bring it back immediately, I can a new one for free. Guess where I’ll be going this evening.

Since we celebrated Victoria’s birthday yesterday, I didn’t get any car-time other than the few minutes it took to install the new wiper blades. I’ll be out in the garage this evening finishing the masking job on Ringo.

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