Thursday, October 6, 2011

Look Mom, No Fingerprints

After another evening of sanding, my finger tips are now devoid of swirls and loops. Prior to finishing the sanding of Ringo’s body, I spent some time on my back reinstalling the accelerator linkages. I had misplaced the e-clips and washers, so I had Jeff at the Corvair Ranch send me replacements. I had to make some adjustments to the rod that goes forward from the pivot at the transmission and to a clip inside the tunnel (that required me to pull the covers off), but in the end actuation is smoother than ever.

Back to bodywork. The photos were taken after all the glossiness was gone. As I mentioned yesterday, this doesn’t include the doors and grills. That brings me to the next subject. Timing. My previous plan had been to save the doors and grills until after the rest of the car was painted since I don’t have space to Since primer and paint have critical windows for overcoating, I need to make sure I have what I need when I need it. The epoxy primer has a four-day window for topcoating before the entire surface needs to be abraded. Since I do NOT want the pleasure of an additional bout of printlessness, to be safe I need enough 2k high-build primer on-hand before I spray the epoxy primer. An order to Summit Racing will go out in the next few days. While I’m waiting for that delivery, I’ll go ahead and sand the doors and grills. I’ll also push Ringo out of the garage and blow off all the dust. I’ll hold off washing him since I don’t want to encourage rusting of the exposed metal. I will, however, thoroughly clean the garage so it’ll be ready to become the paint booth.

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