Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flat is Oh So Fine

The more I scuff Ringo’s shiny black paint into flat ebony, the closer I get to pulling out the cans of primer and activator. Last night I broke out the 120 grit and, with DA sander and by hand, made lots of black dust. By the time the fingers on my hands were cramping from gripping the paper, I’d dulled the finish on more than half the car (the roof, engine lid, and rear quarterpanels. If all goes according to plan (yeah, yeah, sometimes it actually does), tonight I’ll get the hood, front, and rear done. While that leaves the doors and grills to still do, I may forego working on them right now and spray the epoxy primer to protect the work I’ve completed from rust. I don’t think I have enough epoxy primer to shoot the entire car, I’m hoping I do have enough to cover to do that much.

With some time left before bedtime, I reattached the PowerGlide cable to the dash shifter and installed the speedometer cable. I really didn’t receive any help from the CorvairCenter forum on the correct route for the cable, so I just did what made the most sense, and it worked out fine. I used three of the p-clips with three-eighths rivets to keep the cable snug against Ringo’s underbelly.

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