Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Looks Like You Can Buy A Decent Paint Gun For Ten Dollars

Yesterday’s e-mail from Harbor Freight contained a coupon for their “High Volume Low Pressure Gravity Feed Spray Gun.” Such a deal at only $9.99. I did some quick research on the web, and most of the comments about the sprayer were positive. So, at lunch, I ran down to the nearest store and invested in another spray gun.

Last night I hooked up the gun to regulated air and loaded the cup with a small batch of the silver I used to paint Heidi. I emptied the cup all on masking paper I’d taped to the wall. I was pleasantly surprised to see a fine fan of paint consistently misting from the tip. I turned the knob to adjust the shape of the fan and everything checked out. After disassembling and cleaning the gun thoroughly, I gave it one more test shot with thinner and deemed it a worthy tool to use in Ringo’s roadification.

My plan was to take Friday afternoon off to sand the primer and shoot paint Saturday, but the weather prediction has put that plan off. The current high predicted for Saturday is …… wait for it …… 49 degrees with a chance of ….. wait for it …… SNOW! That’s right. It’s still October and the dreaded S-word has popped up. Fortunately, it’s only supposed to last that one day. My backup plan is to sand Sunday evening after the Corvair club’s winery driving tour and take part of Monday off to shoot the paint and clear.

I ordered the paint and activator today and, according to Summit Racing it’s shipped, so I’m hoping it shows up Friday so painting Saturday is an option if the weather prediction improves. I’d like to see at least high-50s and that’s what’s currently forecasted for Monday.

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