Monday, October 3, 2011

A Not So Productive Weekend

Sadly, this isn’t the long missive I’d hoped for. While the time spent in the garage was short, I don’t begrudge the time spent with Mikhaila on Saturday or the lovely Loriann on Sunday. With what time I did have in the garage, I sanded Friday’s application of bondo and called the bodywork “good enough.” The small pin holes left were filled with some body putty, and then I moved on to re-installing the speedometer cable. All but one of the clips that hold this are gone since they were attached to the now-replaced floor. I bought some P-clips that I’d decided to rivet to the new floor panels. Since it’s been uninstalled for nearly a year, I’d forgotten how the darn thing is routed around the left rear suspension. It terminates at the drive flange of the differential and there’s the one clip, but I couldn’t figure out how to route it to keep the radii large and still be out of the way of the rear spring. I’m submitting a post to the Corvair forum in hopes someone will enlighten me.

Once the cable is routed out of the way, I’ll be sanding again.

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